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Care And Security... want to go away and be comfortable...want to return with nothing to do....

  • Regular visit and mail collection- One of the services we provide is looking after your property while you are absent. We will collect your mail, move vehicles (to give that "at home appearance") make regular visits on a time line agreed with the owner.
  • Pet care- We will care for your pets in their environment.
  • Cattle and horse care- We will provide care and attention to livestock, including feeding watering and paddock rotation. Hens fed and eggs collected.
  • Grave Stone Cleaning- We offer a service that provides a cleaning service to crave stones.
  • Horse Float-Steam clean/disinfected- Horse floats, horse trucks cleaned and disinfected. Trailers cleaned.
  • Other Services- If you have a need ¬†we have not listed we would be happy to discuss it.