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Garden Care... We can help...we can take to load... we can get you back some spare time....

  • Foliage, soil, tree/shrub-Foliage removed to allow better growth for plants. Soil tested and nutrients applied where required. Soil removed or replaced. Trees/shrubs removed, trimmed, replaced or transplanted. We can apply spray's where required.
  • Path, drainage, repair-Paths removed, repaired replaced or added. Drainage checked to ensure water can escape and avoid pooling. Drains repaired, replaced or installed.
  • Lawn, mowed, repair- Lawns mowed (mulched or with a catcher). Clippings removed lawns sprayed, repaired, fertilizer applied. Lawns levelled, relayed or reduced in size. 
  • Gardens mulched (we can supply)-Gardens mulched to provide best results for plants during the hot dry periods. We will  provide fertilizer prior to laying mulch if required.
  • Spray’s applied-We will apply spray for any requirement to, Fruit trees, shrubs, pot plants, veg gardens or lawns.
  • Fertilizer applied- Full range of fertilizers applied. We can either use your supplied product or what we supply.