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Post-Sale Presentation- So you have just purchased....... and you want to have a fresh look to move into... that's us

  • Gardens- weeded and mulched (we will fertilize as we apply the mulch) tidy the edges, prune the shrubs and remove any dead plants. We will spray where required.
  • Rubbish removal- Includes clippings and pruning's also general rubbish left by the previous owner.
  • Windows, gutters, carpets, floors, drapes- All cleaned as you require.
  • Water blasting, steam cleaning- Roof cleaned, paths cleaned, patio's cleaned, fences cleaned. We will treat tiles and paths with a chemical wash to suit the purpose.
  • Kitchen/bathroom “strip out” ready for the builder- Having a makeover- we can help  with stripping out ready for the installer. Carpets lifted, tiles lifted, rubbish removed.